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County Councilman Wants Bicycles Banned From State Highways | Politics

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County Councilman Wants Bicycles Banned From State Highways

A bill banning bicyclists from using state highways in southwest St. Charles County will be introduced at Monday night’s meeting of the St. Charles County Council.

The bill was requested by County Councilman Joe Brazil, District 2.

“We spend millions of dollars a year on parks and trails,” Brazil said. “The bicyclists need to stay on the trails that were made for bikes and off the roads in southwest St. Charles County.”

The proposed ordinance would prohibit bicycles on Highway DD, Highway D, Highway F, Highway Z and Highway 94 from its intersection with Highway 40 to the St. Charles County line. The ordinance would apply to highways that lack shoulders or bicycle lanes.

“I get more complaints about this single issue than any other issue,” Brazil said. “The speed limit is 55 mph. You come around a corner and there are two bikes in your lane. You can’t pass them, and it becomes a hazard.”

Moreover, he said, no one has to get on these highway to ride their bikes. “You can ride from St. Charles to Augusta and back without ever getting on Highway 94,” he said. “That’s why the Katy Trail is there.”

Brazil said he would expect small towns along the way, such as Defiance, Augusta and New Melle, would be exempt.

“This isn’t about people who get on their bicycle and ride down to the local store and back home,” Brazil said.

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